MISSION - To be one of the largest producer of electricity from renewable sources at a price lower than the conventional sources.

       AREAS OF INTEREST                                                                         

   1. To Develop Solar Farms
  India is located in the equatorial sun belt of the earth, thereby receiving abundant radiant energy from the sun. In most parts of India, clear sunny weather is experienced 250 to 300 days a year. The equivalent energy potential is about 5,000 trillion KWh per year. We want to develop large scale solar farms to produce cheap & clean electricity.

solar energy

   2. Roof Top solar wind Hybrid system
  Wind energy, with an average growth rate of 30%, is the fastest growing source of renewable energy in the world. India occupies the fifth place in the world in wind energy generation.When the solar resource is low during the monsoon, the wind is quite strong and vice versa. The resultant hybrid system thus offers an optimal solution at a substantially lower cost. It is ideal for electrification of remote villages in India.

   3. Biomass Power Plant
   Biomass energy is energy from plant & plant derived materials. Biomass sources include food crops, grassy and woody plants,residues from agriculture or forestry, organic components of municipal and industrial waste and animal wastes. Fundamentally, biomass is stored solar energy that man can convert to electricity or fuel.